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Aug 15, 2014


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Amante Del Papel

beautiful words! and amazing inspiration!

Lizzy Hill

Oh!!! I was so concentrating on these fab pages, & thinking about how I felt turning 50.... Which was pretty much as here...but if it's any consolation, after I pretty much IGNORED my 50th & actually 'ran away' on a hol with hubby so I couldn't have a party & celebrate it (nothing to celebrate was my view!!) ..... I CAN say at 52.... LOVING being in my 50s!!! So I hope you too can see that glimmer of light :):)) anyways...see...distracted again.....I got picked as the EVOKE lucky winner...so thank you:):)))) and I'm emailing right now:) !!!!! Thanks for those glorious art pages, too, I have to say:):)

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